Throughout my career as a Registered Social Worker, I have had many opportunities to act as a consultant to various groups and communities.  I have facilitated consultations and needs assessments in communities and organizations, and prepared and delivered written and in-person reports to management and boards.  I have developed curriculum and facilitated workshops on issues such as substance use, addictions treatment and harm reduction, sexuality and relationships, and gender identity.  I strive to create safety for all participants while meeting specific goals and timeframes.

Previous consultations have included the following:
  • Boston Bar First Nation - Community Wellness Series, Critical Incident Debriefing
  • Correctional Service of Canada - Offender Discharge Resource Guide
  • Esquimalt First Nation - Youth AIDS Awareness Conference
As a presenter and facilitator, I offer an upbeat and energetic approach which integrates participant involvement and focuses upon building trust and communication.  I tailor the delivery method to the needs of the specific group at hand, and adapt to the unfolding dynamics.

My aim as a consultant is to help create lasting change for individuals and groups, and to help build healthy communities with the capacity to find answers that are right for them.

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