I can be reached by telephone at 604.537.0130, and you can leave a detailed confidential message on my private practice voicemail. When leaving a message, please let me know if it is okay for me to leave you a detailed message.

I can also be reached by
email.  With all internet communications, I recommend that people be aware that email is never 100% secure, and to be discreet about the information you choose to share via the internet.

I will return most calls and emails within 24 hours.

You can be assured that all contact with me as a counsellor in private practice falls under my ethical responsibility to maintain client confidentiality.  As a Registered Social Worker, there are a few specific instances in which I legally have to go beyond the parameters of confidentiality:
  • when a minor is at risk of abuse or immediate endangerment
  • when a client discloses plans to harm themselves or someone else
  • in a medical emergency
  • upon subpoena from a court of law
If you wish me to share information with a partner, family member, physician or anyone else, I will have you sign a detailed release stating your intent.  The decision to share personal information is always yours.

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