I utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques drawing from diverse clinical training, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis.  My practice is grounded in the principles of structural social work, and I also integrate healthy doses of learned wisdom, common sense and humour.

I view my role as helping you:
  • get to the heart of your situation
  • identify areas in your life you want to change
  • explore the relationships to your core issues
  • discover your inner strengths and resources
  • create solutions which meet your realities
My goal is to help you to enact positive and lasting change, as well as to help you strive towards your personal definition of a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life of integrity and pride.

I offer both a regular 60 minute individual and family counselling session, and an extended session of approximately 90 minutes.  Some clients prefer the option of having the longer session, to be able to go to an emotional depth and feel that they have achieved a sense of closure for the session.  I always base session length, frequency and duration upon your individual needs, and am flexible in working with you to find the right mode.

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